Here They Come: Members of the Clan!

Yna Ledesma Maquiling

Ycel Maquiling Relingo

Vina Balumaga Maquiling

Tom Maquiling Lizardo Jr.

Sonny Fiel Maquiling

Shiela Mae Maquiling

Shealtiel Anne Maquiling

Sassyjoge Maquiling

Rosemarie Maquiling

Rockelene Maquiling

Richele Maquiling Guerra Sisi

Regine Marie Ardenio Maquiling

Raquel Maquiling Santos

Philip Maquiling

Novamor Maquiling

Myla Maquiling

Mitch Maquiling

Michael Maquiling

Mericar Maquiling

Meiko Maquiling

Mary Sheinalyn Enaguas Maquiling

Mark John Maquiling

Marisol Maquiling

Marilou Maquiling

Marife Uy Maquiling

Loreto Maquiling

Liza Maquiling

Linyvet Maquiling

Lanie Maquiling

Josephine Maquiling

Jo Cameseria Maquiling

Jette Maquiling

Jester John Maquiling Relingo

Jessica Maquiling Domingo

Jerome Maquiling

Jefferson Maquiling

Famela Maquiling Guardario

Edgar Maquiling

Ed Tanista Maquiling

Earl Maquiling

Donna Lyra Maquiling Guinanao

Diolinda Pamposa Maquiling

Dante Hidalgo Maquiling

Daisy Maquiling

Charles Jacob Maquiling

Chanda Maquiling de Sello

Arlene Carbonell Maquiling

Aikeen Pearl Maquiling

Abby Maquiling

Florinda Maquiling Estamo Lindo

Erika Jane Maquiling Fernandez

Erik Austin Charles Maquiling Fernandez

Karla Maquiling

Arcelie Maquiling

Aubrey Maquiling

Aubry Ann Maquiling

Chris Maquiling

Danrose Maquiling

Dimpless Maquiling Asion

Divina Grace Ang Maquiling

Eleuterio Maquiling

Irene Maquiling

Jaspher Mark Maquiling

Jehromdan Maquiling

Jeremiah Maquiling

Jheselle Maquiling Adorio

Jobelle Grace Maquiling Hofilena

Josephine Maquiling

Joujie Maquiling Morii

Kevin Cacho Maquiling

Kris Anne C. Maquiling

Lorebel Maquiling

Marilyn Maquiling

Mary Ann Maquiling Espiritu

Michelle Manadero Maquiling

Miles Maquiling

Muyco V. Maquiling

Oscar Dayot Maquiling

S Mahliah Maquiling-Burnette

Skid Maquiling

Tita Tumanda Maquiling

Wilfredo Maquiling


Are We Named After a Mountain? Or Was the Mountain Named After Us?

This folkloric mountain is known as Mount Makiling, sometimes Mount Maquiling, with a QU! Hispanized.  Located in the province of Laguna,  island of Luzon, Philippines, Mount Maquiling is said to be a volcano. Inactive. Dormant. Sleeping. But don’t be deceived; we’ve known some volcanoes that had been inactive for years that suddenly came a-roaring, exploding, spewing out molten lava as a result.

Image at left shows Mt. Maquiling as viewed from the highway going to Laguna. Image copied from http://www32.brinkster.com/noelg2000/pixView/Makiling.htm


Mount Maquiling rises to 1,090 meters or 3,576 feet above sea level. Legend surrounds the mountain. You may have read it in your elementary literature books. The folkloric stories of Maria Makiling still does not cease to excite the minds. But whether it excites you or inspires you, remember that it is folklore, nothing else.

The University of the Philippines, in Los Baños, Laguna has been designated by the government as the official caretaker of the mountain. Forest guards roam the mountain, so we were told, so you cannot just do your thing there. Visit that mountain, if only to retain that fire in you! And post here the stories of your adventures as you walk on its forest floor.

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